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Where I keep progress of, and display my work. Personal projects, exercises, commissions included.

Laura Nisbet





Kristin u little turd disturber.

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Some highlights of the work I did on the collaborative Yuki Onna art project I mentioned a few weeks back.

The rest of it is on my portfolio website

Those little snowflake dudes are by far my favourite.

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Stop Motion Diary  07/04/2014

Installing a puppet head
(details in the captions)

Got the head Chuck designed/made in the mail! Although it does look a bit odd tottering over the naked armature as it is (and I’ll admit it can be a bit off-putting at first) once you picture the armature fully fleshed-out and clothed things mage a lot more sense.

First picture shows the fully finished head with paint faux-pearl beads for eyes, clay eyelids, and clay filling the seam between the mouth-piece and the rest of the head.

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Traveling vagabot, Mr. Wander Happens.

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Stop Motion Diary  31/03/2014

Slight revision of the last pop-through before shooting in full, just waiting on the head to arrive for lip-sync!

(audio sample from Welcome to Nightvale)

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Our collaborative Yuki Onna art book is out and being sold in H-12 in artist alley at ECCC by my friend Seth Rutledge! Be sure to get a copy if you’re there!

Featuring the work of

Karla Monterrosa
Mariya Olshevska
Laura Nisbet
Seth Rutledge
Sinan Demirer
Travaldo Farrington

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I may-or-may-not have taken the colouring of my Shep’s lineart (originally for Amanda) way to seriously. But Hey I said I’d do it and 2 weeks later I did!I know ya’ll consider Garrus to be Husbando Numero Uno, but I think he’s an adorable space-baby

I may-or-may-not have taken the colouring of my Shep’s lineart (originally for Amanda) way to seriously. But Hey I said I’d do it and 2 weeks later I did!

I know ya’ll consider Garrus to be Husbando Numero Uno, but I think he’s an adorable space-baby

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Have a soldier space-mom Shepard and little baby Garrus.(I swear colour will happen eventually)for Amanda

Have a soldier space-mom Shepard and little baby Garrus.
(I swear colour will happen eventually)

for Amanda

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Stop Motion Diary  12/03/2014

Third and hopefully final draft pop-through for my dialogue piece (again, ignore the audiosync, I can’t be bothered to fix YouTube’s upload problems for a draft) using audio from Welcome to Nightvale

Used proper tie-downs instead of nails this time, and although it does make animating easier, it’s a giant pain to hold the puppet still while you reach under that table to thread the rod through. It’ll pay-off when I get 30+ frames in per foot though.

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Stop Motion Diary  04/03/2014

Second draft pop-trough for the first portion of an 8 second monologue. Audio sample from “Welcome to Nightvale”

(once again YouTube choked on the audio sync, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the format in the initial render that’s the problem, and if re-rendering from the result will fix it?)

Anyways this pass around Chuck noticed that the head would not come clearly into the frame, if at all. I tried tilting the camera back as far as it would go, with very little result:

I had the misconception that the head would be low enough for the jaw to overlap the ball-joints of the neck significantly. But looking at common examples of puppet design closely actually confirms this, and also explains why most stop-motion characters have large heads teetering on spindly necks with tiny, twig-like bodies. Now that I think about it having the head lower so the jaw overhangs the neck-joint might cause mobility issues.

Trying to move the puppet and set further back into the frame had little effect, since the camera angle is almost level with the shoulders, and the set isn’t nearly as deep as it looks. Also pulling the camera back would’ve been useless since I already had it as far as it would got without revealing the end of the set. (note to self: having a set that is just as deep as it is wide is a huge pain, definitely better to have a wider set that doesn’t extend-out very far)

After some major re-arrangement of the camera, I got something that would work:

Now to start a fresh pop-through from scratch!

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Up Next !!

Why you can’t be arsed to shave your legs: an Essay

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Stop Motion Diary  17/02/2014

I HAVE RETURNED from a long christmas hiatus/retail seasonal work/collaborative project.

Here’s the first draft keys for the first portion of a dialogue assignment (Audio from Welcome to Nightvale) once the head is in I should be able to do the second half. Based off my rough-cut reference footage here.

You’ll have to forgive slightly dodgy sound-sink, YouTube has struck again.

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The tragic story of my post-art-school existence.

Those collapsed boxes were for an anticipated move, of which the lease was denied.

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When the arting goes better than usual, or ‘why-can’t-it-always-go-this-well-ugh-I-bet-I’m-doing-something-wrong-whatever-I-give-up.’ 

if this is even remotely relevent, go subscribe you twerps

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